Impact Church


What does it mean to be saved?
Everyone has sinned and no one is good enough or can do enough to get into Heaven. The price of that sin is death, but Christ has a gift of eternal life. Anyone that confesses Christ is Lord and believes that God raised Him from the dead will be saved. Pray and believe...

..."Heavenly Father, I believe Your Son Jesus, died on the cross for my sin. I believe that He rose again. Because of what Jesus did, I want to turn away from sin and invite You to come into my life. Help me to live in a way that pleases You. Amen.

For some free material send an e-mail to info@impactchurch.tv

How do we get there?
We meet at 645 Oak Street in Lebanon. Click here for more detailed directions.


What will the Sunday experience be like?
The service experiences at Impact Church include worship music and teaching. We'll also throw in some media and lights just to keep things interesting. The music is led by a worship leader along with a live band featuring today's music. The message is always focused on addressing the real issues that real people face in their daily lives. You can expect to be both encouraged and challenged by Pastor Doug. You will find a friendly environment where everyone is welcomed.

What should I wear?
Impact Church is a casual community environment. You will likely find Pastor Doug in a pair of jeans. During the warmer months, you will find many of our volunteers in shorts and an Impact Church t-shirts. However, please come in what you feel is comfortable and appropriate.

How early should I get there?
Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before the service starts. That will give you time to park, check your kids in to their classrooms and grab a cup of coffee, bottle of water or a snack before the service begins.

What about my kids?
Our kids programming is designed for children from birth through 3rd grade. Your child will experience age-appropriate teaching, music, and fun activities designed to introduce them to a life-changing journey to follow Jesus Christ.

Volunteers serve each week to care of and love on your child. We utilize a check-in system that ensures a safe environment for your child and also allows for efficient drop-off and pick-up for parents. We conduct regular background checks on each of our children's team members for your child's safety and protection.

Do I need to bring a Bible to worship?
Each Sunday we have free copies of the scripture for you to use and take home. We will make it easy by providing page numbers as Pastor Doug teaches.

What is Impact Church's "style" of music?
In terms of music, we don't have a "style" that we stick with, although we do more contemporary songs, many of which you will find on 93.3 or 104.3 FM, here in the Cincinnati area. Our desire is that our music be uplifting, fun and create a sense of anticipation for the teaching time in the service.
How do I find out about what is happening at Impact Church?
There are several ways you can keep us with what is going on at Impact Church. You can check out the calendar on our calendar or review our weekly bulletin page.

You can also connect with us on Social Media. Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

What denomination is Impact Church?
Impact Church is a new church plant of Origins Church in Mason, New Hope Baptist Church in Loveland, Ohio, the North American Mission Board (NAMB.net), the Launch Network (Launchstrong.com) and a number of other church partners throughout North America. Everyone is welcome at Impact Church. We have people attending with many denominational backgrounds.

Who pays for all this?
There are no corporate sponsors or franchise affiliations, and there's no big secrets to who pays all the bills at Impact Church. It's the generosity of everyday people in our community that fuels the life changing mission at Impact Church. Additional support comes from our sponsoring Churches, New Hope Baptist Church,  Origins Church, LaunchStrong.com and the North American Mission Board as well as many other churches. Most of our support comes from the normal offerings of average folks who love contributing to the kinds of things they see God doing. To find out more about how to give, click here.

Are all the people working on staff?
Nope. Believe it or not, from the coffee you drink to the mail you get more 90% of the stuff you encounter results from volunteers. Volunteers care for our kids, take out the trash, sing and so much more. Impact Church does have some paid staff that range from part-time to really, really part-time pay but give full-time more.

Impact Church doesn't look like a church, it looks like an office building.
Often, people think, or have been raised to think, a church is about a building—not about the people inside—so it shouldn't matter if we look like warehouse, office or a school. And while you might not find pews and steeples around here, there's no shortage of really authentic people. Disclaimer-We have no issues with steeples or pews…we just don't have any. Pastor Doug is open to a really cool steeple!